Press Day at Lui Store

Lui Store is a place, where the carefully selected fashion, rules. However, one can be sure it is the fashion which follow the latest trends. The butik does not stick to the regular season collections, but stagnation does not appear in that location. The owner observes the market all the time, seeks new brands and verifies those who already are present in the boutique. One of the results od such searches is new, American brand – Stoud. Luis Store offers the icon bags as well as clothes from Stoud.

The brand, which has been present, since the very beginning, is Les Coyottes de Paris. summer line by Coyottes will not disappoint its fans. The absolute must-have of the collection is baby blu suit. The colour has already been named – the shade of the season, but the suit itslef looks faboulous. If someone is not the real fan of this color, and the whole outfit is too much, should find at least a scarf or other details in this shade.

The journalists and stylists could also look at the new arrivals from Rixo London, Lui, Anna+Nina and many others.