New Year’s Dinner with the Stars

Verena Jarczyńska for the 14th time invited 300 children from the Polish orphanages for the special dinner to the Warsaw Jeff’s Restaurant. Lots of attractions were prepared for childre, starting from the special menu through many artists appearing on the stage to almost 100 stars and celebrities. Well known offered their time children, who spent Saturday afternoon with them. Lots of selfies were made, autographs given, but there were also more serious conversations about life and the future. Apart from the well known artists on the stage, children could participate in many competitions and dance lesson. Huge rugs with presents were possible to prepare thanks to the generosity of the sponsors. Their number grows every year. The initiative was supported by First Lady-Agata Kornhauser-Duda, Prime Minister-Mateusz Mazowiecki and Rafał Trzaskowski-the Mayor of Warsaw.